Dear Howard
I took a great deal of useful information away with me and I enjoyed the course from start to finish.  I would like to thank you for your very professional approach and for the way in which you conveyed the information.
My current day job is very different from the world of live sound engineering but I am now seriously considering exploring the opportunities that may be out there as I enjoyed the course so much, have always been interested in how a live sound is created at gigs and really believe it would be a way for me to achieve genuine job satisfaction as I have had a life-long passion for music

Hi, Howard,
I'm really pleased to report that I've had an opportunity to put what you've taught me into practice almost immediately! Having been booked to do a college graduation event, I was asked if I could accommodate a student with a guitar and an accordion, who was due to play three songs whilst singing. The performance went really well and I'm now looking forward to doing some more live music work.
Alan Stevens

Hi Howard,
I found the 2 day course very beneficial. I gained confidence and direction to where I want to head. We are heading back to Australia at the end of January and plan to put some things into practice. I will let you know how things are going.

Thanks again for a great course.
Carl Weir (Dec 2010)

Hi there Howard,
First of all a big thanks for a great 2 days on the sound engineering course. The course what exactly what I needed, and I certainly feel much more confident about setting up and running my system in a gig situation.
I think to be honest everything you covered over the 2 day suited my needs. There was some stuff I was familiar with but needed some clarification with, where as there were definitely a lot of things i have clearly being doing wrong for some time, and some have never tried due to lack of knowledge.  Eg: using inserts (ordered my leads today!!!) Monitor mixes, how to use a graphic equaliser and the importance of gain!!!!
Overall a very beneficial 2 days and will let you know my plans of world domination progress. Will let you know how I get on.
Many thanks

Tim Bough (Nov 2010)

Hi Howard:

I hope this email finds you well.  I’d like to say a huge thanks once again for the one to one training I received at Base Sound last month. I fully enjoyed the day, obtained a grasp of sound on a mathematical scale and more importantly was instilled with the confidence and basic technical skills I needed in order for me to sound engineer at my own live event which took place this past weekend.  The gig was almost perfect

Mark Cookney - (Sept 2010)

Hi Howard
I just wanted to say it has been one of the most worthwhile things I have done in a long time and I feel sure that I will reap the benefits throughout my sound engineering journey, be that at my current amateur level or if I take it further into a career. I would have no hesitation to go back to Base Sound for more training as the need takes me.

Rob Jackson – (April 2010)

Hi I'd just like to say a huge thanks for the excellent course that I attended at the weekend, I'm amazed at how much you can fit in, and I've picked up loads of useful tips for engineering a gig. I'm also desperate to get the opportunity to use my compressor now I know the right way of setting it up!
Phil Blavins

Hi Howard
Thank you very much for some very inspiring days on the Sound Engineering course. I'm looking forward to testing my new skills on my equipment this weekend. The course has really proved as useful as I hoped. I already knew some of the basic things regarding the mixing console, but the part "What is sound?" was very interesting and useful for me to be updated on. There were a lot of things I didn't know about. As I already have engineered some smaller gigs, I needed to be able to handle larger and more complicated sound systems. I had a lack of experience with outboard equipment but got the fundamental knowledge on the course. The part with the choosing of the right mics for different instruments was very useful for me. I think that you covered about everything we needed to be able to be confident enough to sound engineer ourselves. The Tea/Coffee and lunch was excellent
and it gave us the opportunity to discuss other things than the subjects from the course. Overall I think it was excellent value for money - and the travel from Denmark, the stay at the Clothiers Arms and visiting Stroud, was a nice experience for me. I would love to come back to your advanced course! I was very pleased to meet you and all the others on the course. Though I am some years older than the rest of you, I really didn't feel any age different.
Thank you again very much for the course witch I will recommend to others.
Best regards,
Peter Sundberg (Denmark)

Hi Howard,
I found the Sound Engineering course at Base Sound to be a great starting point in learning to be a sound engineer. The course had a good balance of theory and practical work which helped me understand why I was doing something, not just how to do it. I found your good self to be extremely knowledgeable in all areas and you were able to answer all of the students questions in an easy-to-understand way. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking to people looking to become a sound engineer or someone who wants to get a better sound from their own band.
Mark Mauloni

Hi Howard,
I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and have discoved so many things that I was doing wrong with my gear and now I have the confidence to know exactly what i need for the job
Rob Skinner

Hi Howard

I was sitting in the Fleece sharing a pint with a mate after watching Nina Nastastia and chatting to the sound engineer. "I'm going on a sound engineering course" I confidently told him. He was less than impressed. "There's no course that can teach you how to do sound you've just got to get out there and do it", he said dismissively overlooking the fact that someone has to let you near their expensive and precious equipment first! I still went. And maybe he's right there is no course that can teach you how to do it. But Howard at Base Sound comes pretty damn close in a single weekend. There was a really good balance of theory and practical. Lots of stuff you've read in magazines and books, picked up over the years in bands, or even done in Physics at school (do they still teach that?). But somehow it all seemed to make more sense when the bits of kit are sitting in the room with you. And just as you are starting to think "yeah I think I get that" Howard thrusts a bit of gear into your hand and says sort that. And you panic. And then you calm down and realise you can do it. And suddenly the 32 channels on that desk which have always looked so daunting even though you KNOW that they are basically one strip repeated stop blurring in front of the eyes and become clear and mean something and even though you are still trying to plug the wrong end of something into somewhere suddenly you know it's the wrong end, and WHY it's the wrong end and where the right end is AND what to do with it. So lots of practical. We had a good crowd of mixed abilities but all eager to learn. We set up a whole band and even though all of us seemed to be bassists we sorted who played what, plugged it all in, drum kits,mandolins, everything. And we played Teenage Kicks. And the sound of course was great! Great fun, great value for money, and I was able to step out of there straight into sorting the sound out for not only my bands but for some friends who wanted some sound engineering help on Bristol Urban Beach and am helping out at BARRSFest in September after which I'm hoping I'll be able to find some paid work. And Howard's even offered to help with that. So practical at all levels with enough theory to back it up.
Thanks Howard.
Quentin (Bristol)