Ben Doyle attended our 2 day Live Sound Engineering Course in May 2010 and instantly became hooked! Being a musican in a band Ben was frustrated with not being able to achieve the sound he wanted and so he decided to take the plunge and book himself in on our very popular 2 Day Live Sound Course. By the end of the two days he was completely buzzing and felt he wanted to go one step further and pursue his dream of setting up his own PA rental business providing equipment and engineering for his own and other bands. At the end of the course we were able to help Ben get a week's work experience at SSE who are one of Europe's largest PA rental companies and provide sound equipment for major tours all around the world.

At the end of his amazing week with SSE Ben decided he wanted to purchase his own complete sound system comprising of Speakers, Amps, Mixing Desk, Mics, Multicore, Monitors, Cases and came to us for the best advice on what he should get. We were able to provide a complete package of equipment tailoured around his budget comprising of
Martin Audio Front of House and Monitor Speakers, QSC Amplifiers, Allen & Heath Mixing Desk & Shure Mics. To make sure he was completetly happy we also provided a day's training on the equipment at our training facilities in Stroud.

Ben is now fully up and running and has set up his own company call
UV Audio based in the Midlands delivering professional sound equipment and engineering services to a broad range of clients.

Ben Doyle Sound Engineer

Ben Doyle - From training to own PA Company!

Ben Doyle with just some of the professional Sound Equipment he purchased from Base Sound.