Chuks using Noise Gates
Sound Engineering in Nigeria

Chukwuma Ozor (Chuks) from Nigeria

Chuks getting to grips with the Noise Gates at Base Sound and behind the mixing desk back in Nigeria.
It was a pleasure to enjoy the company of Mr Chukwuma Ozor (Chuks) who flew all the way over from Lagos in Nigeria to attend the Base Sound Pro 4 Day Live Sound Course in September 2011. Being self taught Chuks had already sound engineered many gigs and concerts throughout Nigeria and Africa. Chuks had already operated a variety of high quuality, professional live sound mixing desks including models from Yamaha, Midas & Allen & Heath but still felt he needed to improve his own knowledge and understanding. Although we started with some basic theory and engineering on the first day, Chuks found he was learning new tips and tricks from the start and by the end of the course had progressed through to more advanced sound engineering including Venue & System Ringing Out, Noise Gate Triggering and Advanced Compression. He is now looking to attend some further one to one training in the future with us.

Now back in Nigeria he his working with Major sound and lighing equipment rental companies and getting to mix concerts to upto 50,000 people and was back behind the mixing desk and sound engineering a gig as soon as he landed.

When he returned to Nigeria Chuks wrote:

Hi Howard,

Good day sir, how are you and your family, since returning to Nigeria i cant wait to get my hands on the desk and insert some gates and compressors into my mix and also use the gates as triggers. I want you to know attending the course is the best thing that has ever happened to my career in sound engineering and it really has opened my eyes to a lot of new ideas.
I hope to come back for more eye opening courses with you.

Many thanks
Chuks (Nigeria)