Kinfeosi Oke came over all the way from Lagos in Nigeria especially for some One to One training Being an active member of his local church in Lagos, Kinfeosi had been given the job of in-house sound engineer and needed to learn fast. Like many churches nowadays they have embraced technology and use high quality mics, mixers, effects and sound system and realise to get the best from it training is essential. Kinfeosi contacted us to see if we could help and once we went through all the different aspects we could teach him he decided to fly over especially for some Base Sound One 2 One live sound engineering training. When he first arrived he Looked at our 40 Channel Midas Desk and wondered if he had bitten of more than he could chew however within a couple of hours he was operating and mixing like a seasoned professional. We managed to cover a great deal with subjects such as Choir micing, Feedback control, Front of House Mixing, Gain Structure and Using Effects. It was a very productive and enjoyable training day and here is what Kinfeosi had to say:

"Hello Howard,

Thanks for the time and the training. I had great fun and learnt a lot.

I got in to Nigeria over the weekend and worked on the sound for  church on Sunday. The musicians really appreciated the sound. It was clean and there were no distortions. The gain structure stuff was of great value! I did not even have time to do anything with the EQs so I didn't use them on Sunday. And the sound was still excellent. Thanks to you for the gain structure knowledge."



Kinfeosi Oke - All the Way from Lagos in Africa

Kinfeosi getting Hands On training with a 40 Channel Midas Desk and loving it!
Church Sound Engineering