MMG pride themselves in offering bespoke recording & transcription services, from the initial setting up of audio and visual recording equipment, right through to the transcription of the recordings.  They provide transcriptions for a whole range of organisations within the public and private sectors.  With the introduction of digital technology, they can produce transcripts for clients worldwide. Here are just some of their clients:

Crown Prosecution Service, Ministry of Justice, Avon Coroner's Court, Bermuda Police Force, Intellectual Property OfficeCentral Office of Information, Competition Commission, Jersey Police, Jersey Financial Services Commission, Scottish Court Service

Martin Trevor, the owner and MD of Mendip Media contacted Base Sound because he wanted as he put it to have an 'audio audit’ of the methodologies in which he and his staff went about micing up and recording for all of their clients and asked if we could help.

Initially we visited their offices in Devon and examined both the equipment they were using and also looked at the type of locations they were working in and the techniques they were employing. Once we had a detailed picture of how they were working we put together a custom training day for Martin and some of his staff at our offices in Stroud. The training covered many areas that we felt needed addressing such as:

An understanding of different mics, Polar patterns, Sensitivity, Freq Response, Mic Placement etc
Stereo & Multi Mic usage, placement etc
Understanding and controlling Phase Cancellation
Connecting up and Using the Mixing Desk
Correct use of the Desk functions such as: Phase Reverse, HPF, EQ, Groups
Undertanding Gain Structure
Connecting Up and Using Compressors for level control, removing sibilance
Controlling feedback when using mics through a PA system

The training was thoroughly enjoyable for all involved and we were also able to offer the opportunity for the Mendio Media Team to try out some alternative mics and combine these with the training which they then later purchased through us.

Afterwords Martin Trevor Wrote:

We all thought that the training session with you was first class. Not only was it highly informative but good fun too! You have been very successful in moving our thinking on quite substantially.

Thank you so much for an excellent day, and thank you also for helping to move my company on that little bit further.

Best wishes,

Martin Trevor

Managing Director

Mendip Media Group Ltd

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Martin Trevor, MD of Mendip Media Group
Martin Trevor MMG
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