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Sound Equipment Installation & Consultancy

Base Sound first started sound engineering training nearly 16 years ago and since that time we have also been asked to help with the design, specification & installation of professional sound equipment into quite literally hundreds of different venues. These have ranged from live music venues through to nightclubs, schools, churches and even some commercial sites.

What started off simply as consultancy and design later evolved into us also providing and installing the sound equipment as well. Having now literally taken the clients brief from inception to completion we were often asked to provide in- house training. This training enabled the client to fully understand how to operate the equipment and enjoy the full potential of the installed sound system.

AV Installation
In the last couple of years we have also been integrating AV equipment with many of the sound systems we have specified. This has not only ensured that the installation goes very smoothly (as there are only one set of contractors on site) but that the client also saves money and time working with one company.

So why use us?
* We offer true professional expertise.
* We have many years of sound and AV operating, training and
installation experience.
* We supply a broad range of professional equipment from all the leading manufacturers
* We care passionately about delivering the best results for your budget.
* We have successfully worked on behalf of clients with the environmental health to solve noise control issues.

If you are looking to install Sound or AV equipment into your establishment then email us at or call: 01453 882256.