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Birmingham City Church (BCC)

Birmingham City Church Training
church live sound stream
Danny, the head sound technician at Birmingham City Church first contacted us to attend one of our 2 day live sound engineering courses, however due to Covid we had to postpone it and in the mean time the church wanted to update their mixers and mics so they could start delivering high quality streaming of their services. As well as training we also offer sales and installation of pro audio equipment and having discussed their requirements and budget we specified 2 x Allen & Heath SQ6 digital mixers along Allen & Heath ME 1 personal monitoring stations and Sennheiser EW500 Radio Mics. The SQ6 mixers deliver incredible flexibility and are totally configurable to suit the needs of the venue and one is used to mix the sound for the main church and congregation and the other desk is used to independently mix the service in real time for the live stream. The ME1's are small monitoring stations that are positioned on the stage so the musicians can all create their own personal monitor mixes either through their own headphones or stage monitors. These have been exceptionally well received and everyone has enjoyed the quality and ease of use in creating their own mix. For the live streaming we are able to mix any one of the 48 channels including ambient mics to capture the congregation and create a mix that is clear and well balanced to be listened to on computers, tablets and phones. As part of the installation we also provided on-site configuration, programming and training along with assisting with the engineering and delivery of the first month's services. The training has involved running through all the set up pages of the desks and creating a clear mix using EQ, compression, effects, creating monitor mixes for the IEM's and using the DCA's & Groups. The stream is fed from a matrix output with correct time alignment set so that the sound is in perfect sync with the video. It's been an absolute pleasure working with the team from BCC and now they attracting an ever growing on line congregation with high quality streaming of their services as well the fabulous auditorium sound. Why not watch them live for yourself! BCC Church
church on site mixing training
live sound mixing