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Nic Heron

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Hi Howard! 

I'm sorry that it's taken me this long to get in touch to tell you about my experience in the US. I had intended to contact you when I got back, then Christmas happened etc!

Anyway I wanted to let you know how it had all gone. Although I was pretty scared about what I was undertaking, I somehow pulled it off... With the skills that I'd learned from your course and the help of in-house engineers at each venue, I was able to get a good sound each night and even got it pretty consistent, which after all is the reason a band has a touring engineer. 

I think I just had the one pretty rough experience... It was in New York, after three shows in the same club in Philadelphia where I'd become quite comfortable on the Midas Pro2. I found myself in front of a Soundcraft Vi1 and suddenly felt quite out of my depth... I struggled with managing the vocals and couldn't figure out how to get them above the rest of the band. It wasn't horrific but it didn't sound great
pastedGraphic. The tour continued and I became more and more confident when turning up to a new venue/mixing desk. I've since run into many different digital and analog desks and have been able to apply what I've learnt in each scenario. 

Since then, I have toured with another American band for their European tour throughout February and I have just got back from my second tour of the US with the same band I worked with out there before. Which included a week at SXSW, in Austin TX. Now that was a challenge! We were doing two shows per day and sometimes with 15min changeovers. It was a great experience for me. We are now starting the process of obtaining an official work visa, for me to work legitimately in the USA. Quite exciting!

I now feel like I'm learning something new every night and have taken tips from many in-house engineers along the way. I now feel quite confident when sound checking and mixing the bands. For this, I must thank you, for providing me with the skills and confidence to cross the atlantic and throw myself into this wild profession. I am, of course, by no means a pro but I love mixing and love learning new tricks.

I hope that all is going well at Base Sound.