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Past Students

Over the years we have taught literally hundreds of students and always like to stay in touch with them afterwards and find out how they are getting on. We have also helped many students get jobs in the industry and continually provide support via email or on the phone to many after they have completed their training. We have dedicated this section to our past students so that you can read about them and see what they are now up to.

Steve Marchant - Base Sound
Steve Marchant Wanted to learn a new skill and came on our 4 day course back in 2011 and now has his own Live Sound & Recording business. Read More
Brian Waters - Base Sound
Brian Waters came on our 2 day live sound course back in 2010 and now owns his own PA system and has engineered many famous 60’s bands. Read More

Nic Heron at Base Sound
Touring America. Nic Heron who was engineering a few small bands in Exeter was asked if he would leave it all to tour the states. In need of some quick training he came to us. Read More
Patrick Beaumont at Base Sound
Patrick Beaumont came on our 4 day course in 2016 and now engineers for various corporate clients and event organisers.
Read More.
Roy Evans at Base Sound
Roy Evans had never mixed before when he offered to help a friends band out. Realising after there was a lot more to it he came to us for training and now he's busier than ever. Read More.
Welsh Millenium technicians at Base Sound
Engineers from the Welsh Millennium Centre booked their own, bespoke training day to update their sound engineering skills. The training was a great success: Read More
Johnny Pentecost - Base Sound
Cruising The World!
Johnny Pentecost attended our 4 day Pro Live Course and afterwords was able to get himself a job as one of the main sound engineers on Cunard's Queen Mary 2
. Read More
Rob Jackson - Base Sound
Rob Jackson had already been sound engineering but wanted to improve his skills and take his mixing further. He came to Base Sound for individual training. Read More.
Base Sound Training
All the way from Canada!
Daniel & Michael Burkholder flew all the way from Ontario in Canada for our 4 Day Pro Live Course and really enjoyed it and found it so worthwhile:
Read More
Mark Cookney - Base Sound
Mark Cookney organised his own live band event and nominated himself as the sound engineer having never sat behind a mixing desk before. Having attended Base Sound training he was able to pull off a great night! Read More