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Past Students
Read about what some of our Past Students are up to

Bill Allexander - We have gigs at the Cromarty Old Brewery in the Scottish Highlands, once or twice a month – thanks to you Howard.  We’ve have singer songwriters on their own, and six/seven piece bands – and I still know my level from my reverb (I think).

Eugene Pryer & Tim Champion - Have now formed their own Music Arts Project

Steve Thompson - Since going on Howards excellent sound engineering course I have now put together a pro rig with gates ,compressors ,di boxes  etc for my band based in Cornwall. The knowledge gained from doing the course was invaluable in making me aware of what is available and the standard required to really make a difference to the sound a band produces.

Tim Bough - Since doing the 2 day live sound engineering course, Got quite involved in the Brecon Music Scene, running PAs for local promoters during the summer of last year
Brecon Fringe Festival.

David Hockham - I now teach much more comprehensive sound sessions in production modules as part of a BA Theatre Studies programme at Surrey University.

Yanto Evans - I have now got my studio up and running and have so far completed two projects with interest starting to circulate. It has been a steady but slow learning curve but getting there. I have started to build up equipment for doing live sound engineering but until I can get the set up I am not in a position to get gigs.
Your courses were a great help in starting off and still refer to my notes from the course for direction.

John Edwards - I’m very busy providing the sound for “The Phil Knight Experience” and our new Uke band “Jukes of Ukes”. Performances vary from our Lancashire themed duo (which we do with a very small sound rig through to our six piece band using a Behringer 20 channel powered mixer. With anything up to twelve different instruments on stage, not played all at once of course!! life can be very interesting. Apart from our keyboards everything is acoustic from our new bass uke through to the violin. We also have flute, saxaphone, clarinet and accordion so to mic everything up to produce the quality of sound we want is sometimes a challenge but very fulfilling when I get it right!!!!
We also do a fair amount of theatre performances and it has to be said that the knowledge I gained from your excellent course goes a long way to making sure that the theatre sound engineers give us what we want, (Not all of them are totally clued up).

Peter Sundberg - I’m very much involved in recording, and have just finished the work on my new studio (Sundsound studio). The first album have already been released with tracks partly recorded in Sund Sound Recording Studio (Morten Remar / In Person)
 We will soon have established our Record Label and Record Company, and have two more artists signed for album projects. It’s exciting and a lot of fun work – and after so many years away from the music business – very nice to be back with my own set up.

Clive Melton - I had such a good time on the course and it moved me on enormously.
At present I am doing sound on a regular basis at a local pub/music venue called The Olive Tree, here in Frome. I generally use the house PA which is a bit rubbish but I can manage it. I regular mix for The Jane Taylor Band another set of friends who work nationally and across Europe. I often go with them. I also mix for charity events and parties, weddings etc. I usually go for acoustic music rather than rock bands. The course gave me the knowledge and confidence to a) stick up to the bands when they make ridiculous demands, b) set up under pressure (i.e. quickly etc) c) experiment and other things I'm sure. In all modesty I have become the local 'go to man' for advising local, small bands on their sound, and I have passed on some of the things you showed me. It's open doors I didn't even know existed!!

Ben Sherwood - Following the course we are using a lot of the information gained which has been of substantial benefit to us. We have expanded our equipment using radio mics, micing up drums, running different foldback mixes, etc. We are nice and busy with plenty of bookings for this year and next. Ben our sound engineer is confident running a 16 channel desk with effects. The band are extremely confident in Ben both in foh and foldback mix.

Ryan Chamberlain - Since completing your course I have worked my way into an entertainments company that supply entertainment solutions to Warner Leisure Hotels and Thomson Cruises. I worked as a venue technician for a year encompassing Sound, Light, AV and stage management. This then led me onto one of the Thomson Cruise ships where I have just completed a contract as the DJ/AV Technician where I have been mixing a live band both inside and outside on deck, 'teching' gameshows, trivia events and other daytime activities as well as late night cabarets. I am now set to embark on another Thomson Cruise ship where i will be undertaking the Sound Technician role, being responsible for the main theatre sound.

Andy Woodward - I did a few courses with Howard, firstly the basic 2 day sound course then some advanced 1 to 1 courses. These were absolutely invaluable and I would recommend anyone to have them. Because of these I feel confident to tackle virtually any job that comes my way (obviously with the limitations of the equipment I have.) Advise on what equipment to get from Howard has been so useful as it has saved expensive mistakes. I have also bought a fair bit of it through Howard and really pleased with the service. I only do live work but I am paling up with a friend to offer recording (done 2 so far). I personally am not interested in recording. I also get involved in organising events mainly with the lighting, AV and sound
The sort of jobs I do are, Theatre stage shows, Theatre band concerts, Miking up bands, Fetes, Festivals from 100 up to 2000 people, Jazz shows, Folk shows, AGM's, Golf shows, Brass bands up to 30 piece, Horse shows.

John Pentecost - I'm now working for Cunard on board the Queen Victoria as stage crew/sound engineer. I'm doing the job I love and seeing the world. I operate a digidesign D show mixer aswell as grand ma lighting console, pyrotechnics and follow spots. We do a variety of acts including full production shows, full concert orchestras, small bands and various av broadcast duties/camera work. I'm on a 6 month contract due to return in September. I hope that helps.
All the best, John.

Adrian Platt - Well we have all been very busy with major Government live events all over the uk, as you know Howard, all our sound is live wither that might be live sound of talking heads at a conference or it could feeding in live sound from break out rooms etc. As I do and Karl as done for some time now we have to use actors either on set or off set at live events and of course record their sound etc. Working with ENG and ESP. Cameras. This stands for ( Electrical News Gathering ) Filming Ministers outside the house of Parliament etc. ESP. stands for Electronic Field Pictures....this is used in our t.v studios.
Your training course gave us all a better understanding of sound etc. We all have a better way of working with our sound equipment and it's uses... in other words we use it to it full capacity... we now and have done so for sometime now record all our sound onto Digital recording we have just changed all our Radio Mick Frequency to the new channel of  ( 39 ) at some cost I might add to our unit.

I also have taken on more so called freelance work, helping bands with there sound set up when asked to do so. This I find is most rewarding, as I can put my new skills and new recording skills to use. Also it makes the band sound much better ( thanks to me )  I'm still a cameraman at heart but having the understanding of how sound is made and what you can do with it, I think that they sit together very well and if you put moving lights to it as well....well you have everything you ever wanted. Am hoping soon that I can get a full Digital sound desk. Anyway have to dash need to try out some new moving lights....thanks for your all your help.....catch up with you soon from all  the team from  Ministry of Justice Events Team.