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Church & On-Site Sound Engineering Training

Pre - Arranged Day to suit: 10am - 6pm (8 hrs Personal Tuition)
For groups of up to 6 people

(excludes travel expenses)

Ideal for groups of up to 5-6 people who have their own equipment
and would like us to come and teach them at their location

With so many churches and houses of worship now owning their own sound systems we can help provide live sound mixing and training at your church or venue. Many church sound systems are often controlled by a small team of people that may be inexperienced in using the mixing desk and controlling the sound. The result can be poor clarity, instruments not being heard and the sound feeding back.

Church & Venue Sound System Training
Every church and venue has it's own sound system and so our on-site training will give your team the confidence to set up the sound system and mic up the instruments, create monitor mixes, understand and use the mixer and ensure you have a great sound. If you are looking to update your PA or sound system then we can also provide a free on site consultation on the best route forward and provide bespoke and comprehensive training once it has been installed. Read
here about our install and training on new mixers at BCC Church in Birmingham.

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Church Sound Engineer Training - Just Some of What We Teach:

Setting up & Configuring your Speakers and Monitors
Micing up the Instruments, using DI Boxes and Patching In
Understanding and using the Mixer
Understanding and using EQ
Using Outboard Equipment & Effects Processors
Using Groups & DCA's
Connecting up and creating Monitor Mixes
Removing Feedback from the system
Creating & Saving Scenes
Evaluation, Programming & Testing of your System

Please note the day is designed around the equipment you have and tailored to suit your needs.

Booking your place:
To discuss this further and arrange a suitable day please contact us or call Howard on 01453 882256 or 07816 885066.

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