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2 Day: Live Sound Engineering Course

Monday/Tuesday: 10am - 6pm, see dates, (16 hrs Tuition)
(Drinks and light lunch are included for both days)

Taught in small groups of max 6 people

Over the last 20 years our two day live sound engineering course has been very popular as we teach all the necessary skills to enable you to start sound engineering your first gig after just 2 days. It is ideal both for those that just wish to sound engineer as a hobby such as for their local church, school musical or amateur dramatic group or those that wish to start a career as a sound engineer. The key topics were put together after discussions with leading rental companies as the essential skill set required to start working for them.

What is the structure?
The course includes essential in-depth theory on the principles of sound, acoustics and gain structure and from this moves onto explaining all about the equipment, components and settings you should use. There is in-depth training on patching in and using the mixing desk, understanding and using EQ, Grouping, Routing, using the Matrix and recording a live mix. We teach about setting and creating monitor mixes show how to conquer feedback and using a variety of ringing out techniques including using modern day apps. This is followed by the micing up of essential instruments such as guitars, bass, drums and keyboards. We have had numerous students attend our weekend course with no previous experience who after completion have gone on to forge new careers as sound engineers.

2 day sound engineering course
using a mixing desk
live sound engineer course
Who can attend the 2 day Live Sound Engineering Course?
Anyone over the age of 18 can attend the course and no previous experience is required. We have people from all walks of life coming from all over the UK and even abroad. Our training has attracted, musicians, school teachers, drama producers, theatre technicians, church sound engineers, festival engineers, event organisers, audio visual & IT technicians, venue owners, singers, anyone with an interest in live music and getting a better sound.

What you will learn: (just some of the subjects covered)
  • The principles of sound, what it is, how it is made up, the measurement of it.
  • Acoustic and electronic instruments and the levels they create.
  • Understanding the equipment that can be used in a live performance eg: Mics, Mixers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Gates, Compressors, Effects Processors, Equalisers
  • Types of Speaker Systems, Setting Up and their Application
  • How the equipment is connected together and connections used.
  • Understanding and using Mixing Desks
  • Gain Structure, EQ and Signal Routing, Groups, Matrix etc
  • Front of House and Monitor Mixing.
  • Planning a Mix, Sound Checking and Creating a Mix.
  • Types of Mics, their Application and Setting Up.
  • The types of Cables & Connectors required.
  • Patching in & Using Effect Processors
  • Ringing Out F.O.H and Monitors
  • How digital mixers work, pro's and cons
  • Understanding Specification

The training takes place at:
Unit 1, Lightpill Trading Estate, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 3JW.

Booking your place:
As we limit the class sizes to no more than 6 people we advise all students to book well in advance to guarantee your place. For details on how to book your place please go to our Enrol Page. Here you will find details of how to pay online or by post.

Contact us:
Should you like any more information then you can contact us or call Howard on 01453 882256 or 07816 885066.

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