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Hi Howard,
Just to say thank you so much for your amazing eye opening training yesterday, I was buzzing after I left yesterday, and still am now. You managed to cram so much into one day even with the X18 which is nowhere near the beast that is the QU-24, what a mixer that is, i want one lol. 

Thanks again Regards,
Ben (April 2018)

Hi Howard,
It was a fantastic course, thank you so much for all of your advice and guidance. All I need now is to get some experience :) If something ever comes up and I need a one-day session I will of course be in touch, and also if I hear of anyone in my position I will of course recommend Base Sound to them.
We are connected on Facebook now so I will keep it updated with gigs etc, and I'm sure it will reach you.
Once again, many thanks for everything, and best wishes for the future.

Kindest Regards,
Mark Ward (March 2018)

Hi Howard,
I really enjoyed the training and genuinely got a lot from it. Obviously the fact you had a QU desk was particularly handy from a practical point of view, but having the analogue desk there too was invaluable for the deeper understanding.
I’ve already used quite a few things, including the compression trick for ringing out our wedge monitor and the AMM function. AMM is an interesting one because virtually everything I read seems to specifically say it shouldn’t be used with bands / singing. However, I seem to be getting good results with it in terms of less feedback and less hi-hat / cymbal bleed.
I also combined a few things you showed me to try an approach to finding problem frequencies in a room. I swept the sine wave across the frequency range, found a couple of frequencies that seemed to resonate then notched them out using the parametric eq. 

Tom (November 2017)

Dear Howard,
Thank you so much for having The Zoots last week (Harriet, Ed and I).
It was so helpful, informative and will make all our shows so much better in the future.
I love the way you teach and really appreciate what you have taught us.

We will be back!
Jamie Goddard (September 2017)

The Zoots

Dear Howard,

Just a quick mail to say thank you for an enjoyable and informative training day.  Thank you for accommodating my specific training requirements and covering all the topics we agreed. I came away understanding the individual elements of each of the subjects, and the practical use for each.  You also gave me other ‘options’ to try which I am sure will improve my ability to deliver a clearer more balanced live sound to the audience. The balance between the Technical aspect and the practical effect on the sound being produced was spot on from my point of view.  I now have some techniques in my arsenal which will only improve what I am able to achieve.
In particular the use of gates and the high pass filter, not only to improve the selected channel sound but to help control the effects of the interaction from the other sounds present in the whole mix.
I am looking forward to trying out the things I learnt in a live situation soon. Again thanks for a productive day.

Best Regards,
Graham Mills (March 2014)

Hi Howard,
Thank you for your email. I really enjoyed the course and feel that I know have a solid foundation in the theory and practice of live sound. I feel inspired to go out and use what I have learned so thank you for putting on the course.

Many thanks,
Joel (March 2014)

Hi Howard,
You deliver a really great course that demystifies the mixing desk and shows you exactly what you have been doing wrong all these years. A real "Eye & Ear opener!"


Dan Gamble
(November 2013)

Dear Howard,
Hope you are well, just a quick email to pass on my thanks for the fantastic 4-day engineering course i completed a few weeks back. This was one of the most worthwhile things I have done and as I mentioned a few times over the course of the 4 days, has given me a bit of career direction. I have always liked the idea of becoming a sound engineer but thought of it as a "pipe dream" and didn't believe that It was a possibility. After walking away I really surprised by the amount of information that I have picked up and now feel prepared and confident enough to sell myself as a sound engineer.

Many thanks,
Dave Taylor (October 2013)

Hi Howard,
I just wanted to email you and say what a fantastic week I had on the course. You have really opened up my mind to live sound and I have soo many ideas that I now want to incorporate into my working life. I can't wait to fully start my career within the industry.
You are such a legend and I cannot thank you enough. Your teaching style is phenomenal! I fully understood everything you covered... eventually haha :)
I cant believe I'm going to say this but, I UNDERSTAND IT ALL!!! (credit to yourself of course)

Thank you!
Chris Cholerton (July 2013)

Hi Howard,
As you probably know I learned more than I ever have regarding sound within the first 2 hours of being there with you. I clearly have a far better understanding than I've ever had all thanks to your great course. It will be remembered as one of the highlights of last year and probably for some time to come. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and best of all was having the chance to put all we learned to practice. That really was the best way to learn and it explained quite clearly all the requirements needed for the best possible set up PA wise. Financially things will be restricted for a while and I'm clearly getting better results with what we've got. I have to say that it's mostly the monitors, what you showed us really was impressive and we are now getting far more out of our system on that front. So much I could thank you for and I can promise you I'm sure I will revisit your site.
Once again many thanks for an experience I couldn't have gained from anywhere else. Clearly unique and I'd be very surprised if your ears haven't been continuously burning because as I haven't stopped telling everyone how much I enjoyed myself. The words "get rid of the mud" have been ringing out wherever I go and will now always be the first thing in my head.
Have a well deserved, fantastic Christmas and all the very best for the New Year

Trev Reeves (October 2013)

I did your four day course at the beginning of February, and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. It was great to be able to expand my self-taught knowledge with so much input from such an experienced engineer as yourself. I also found Nick's inputs to be fascinating. I will be recommending your course to anyone that I come across who wants to build their live sound knowledge.
Since the course I have done SFX work for a couple of straight plays, plus a "singer plus backing track event". The things that I learnt on the course have been helpful in these, especially the explanations of the mysteries of EQ. I am looking forward to putting all of it into practice next time I do a musical production.
One thing that I took from the course is that my current amps (QSC RMX 2450s) are bloody heavy. I believe that QSC is amongst the kit that you can supply. I was therefore wondering if you could let me have a quote for 2 x QSC GX7 amplifiers. Alternatively, is there an equivalent that you would recommend?
Sadly my attempts to get my theatre to buy a GLD80 haven't been successful yet. I have just heard that A&H might be about to announce a new smaller desk so will keep a look out.

Many thanks,
Rob Prosser (February 2013)

Hi Howard,
Just a short note to thank-you for the 2 day live sound engineering course that I have just completed. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a great deal. Coming to the course as an amateur who had dabbled with live sound engineering for a few years I found you delivered the perfect blend of theory and practical lessons, always served up with a laugh. I would whole heartedly recommend this course to anyone who wants to quickly gain the confidence to run a live sound desk.

Best wishes,
Jon Webb (April 2012)

Hi Howard,
I cannot thank you enough for the brilliant and informative training I had with you. I can now start in my new role with greater confidence and hopefully won't be quite so daunted by all the new toys, bells and whistles available to me.
Many thanks again,
Frazer - July 2011 (Sound Engineer - Colston Hall Bristol)