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Live Mixing on an iPad/Tablet “One to One” Training

Taught on a One to One Basis
Pre - Arranged Day to suit: 10am - 6pm (8 hrs Personal Tuition)
(Drinks and light lunch are included for the day)

Taught on a One to One basis

iPad sound engineering

Sound Engineering Training on your iPad/Tablet

Live sound engineering has come along way from 20 years ago when you had to mix the sound from a fixed position. Nowadays many digital mixers allow you to also control the mix from an iPad or phone so that should you wish to wander away from the desk you can still adjust the sound. There are even some smaller digital mixers that do away with a dedicated hardware mixer altogether and the iPad is the main control surface.

Whilst many engineers prefer having an actual desk to mix from, being able to remotely control the mix on an iPad can be incredibly useful. Often in churches or theatres the mixer is positioned in a location that simply doesn't allow the engineer to hear the sound properly. Alternatively if you are mixing the sound for a wedding or small festival you sometimes have to be located off to the side of stage where again you are unable to hear the sound coming form the main speakers.

With many digital mixers to choose from we can help you master all the settings and get the best from it. There are many smaller tablet mixers being made now by companies such as Mackie, RCF, Behringer, QSC, Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, Yamaha, Midas etc. Having taught live sound engineering on all of these mixers we can teach you to master it, helping you to fully understand the mixer and program the best settings for both your equipment and the environment.

What do we teach? (just some of the subjects covered)

  • Understanding the Mixer Layout, Functions & Navigation

  • Connecting Mics & Instruments and setting the correct levels

  • Gain Structure, Signal Routing, Groups, DCA's, Matrix etc

  • Understanding and using the EQ

  • Controlling Feedback on the F.O.H and Monitors

  • Programming Custom Layers & Soft Keys

  • Creating different mixes for the F.O.H, Monitors, Delays

  • Programming and using the Effects

  • Understanding & Using the Graphic Equalisers

  • Using the Compressors & Gates

  • Storing Scenes & Patches

iPad mixing training
iPhone mixing
  • The training takes place at:
Unit 1, Lightpill Trading Estate, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 3JW.

Booking your place:
As we limit the class sizes to no more than 6 people we advise all students to book well in advance to guarantee your place. For details on how to book your place please go to our Enrol Page. Here you will find details of how to pay online or by post.

Contact us:
Should you like any more information then you can contact us or call Howard on 01453 882256 or 07816 885066.

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