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Why Learn With Base Sound

Sound engineering is a fascinating and exciting skill to learn and we focus our training on giving you all the core skills necessary to enable you to become a sound engineer quickly. We do not spend time on the history of sound engineering but concentrate on ensuring you understand how the very latest professional, sound equipment is used and how to become skilled at using it.

● Base Sound have over
20 years of working in the live music industry both engineering and training.

● Over the years we have
helped hundreds of students both young and old start a new career as a sound engineer.

● Our training is
"Hands On" - within two hours of arriving you will be setting up and mixing sound.

● All our lecturers have
spent their lives working in the industry, as producers, engineers and designers.

● We have a
fully equipped, dedicated live sound, training facility with top of the range sound equipment.

● We are easily reached by rail or motorway with plenty of good local accommodation to stay in.

● We provide the skills to enable you to
start sound engineering and earning money straight away.

● We teach using
equipment from some the world's leading live sound equipment manufacturers.

● Due to our contacts in the live sound industry we are also
main agents for numerous live sound equipment brands. So if you are looking to purchase equipment then we can give you the Best Prices & Advice with training as well.

● Our Training represents the
best value compared with any others so you can get the skills without breaking the bank!

Our training is flexible so if after attending a scheduled courses you would like some more then we offer One to One.

We promise to have some of the leading and most up to date manufacturers equipment to learn on. We focus our teaching on providing everyone with all the skills needed to start live sound engineering straight away.

Our mission:
To give you the sound engineering skills so that you can enjoy getting a great mix working with bands, musicians and performers.